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Toileting Resistance

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Toileting Resistance


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Toileting Resistance

Toileting Resistance

Most often toileting resistance is just a child's way to assert themselves. Toddlers just want to do it themselves and don't want to be pushed or persuaded to do anything. That's okay. It's their job to learn to do things all by themselves! Just back off of potty training, put your child back in diapers and let them take over. Your child will tell you when they are ready to use the potty. Use regular diapers not pull-ups diapers. Pull-ups keep kids dryer than underwear and can make toilet training take longer. "Big kid" picture underwear can be used as an incentive when your child says they are ready.has been clean and dry for a week. Also stop talking about toilet training with your child.

When your child does show interest, act surprised. Then make steps to toileting very brief. For example, have your child sit for 5 seconds on the toilet and then give them a reward. Some kids are too interested and busy to be bothered with the toilet but don't resist. If this is the case, take your child to toilet every 1.5 hours. Reward them with one treat for sitting, two for peeing, three for pooping. Treats can be stickers or small candy.

Potty training overlaps with the age at which most kids start to gain independence and grow up. Acknowledge this and give your child other times to be your "baby" again such cuddling and reading. And then just be there when your child does ask for help.

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