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Abel's Island

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Book - Child


"One summer day, newlywed Abel and Amanda are out for a picnic in the woods when they are caught in a sudden storm. As they take refuge in a cave, a wind stoops up Amanda's scarf, and Abel foolishly lunges from safety to retrieve it. Amazingly, Abel is swept in a stream, then a river, then eventually marooned on a island. What will this intelligent imaginative rodent do to get off the island and back to his beloved Amanda? He busies himself with finding ways to get to shorel and investigating where he should take shelter. As the weeks and moths go by, he misses his books, his paintings, his comfortable stuffed chair, his stylish clothes, but above all his precious Amanda whom he thinks about constantly. As the mouse faces his new life Robinson Crusoe-style, Abel discovers what it's like to be in tune with the natural world as well as his true nature, and what its like to return, fortified, to his real home and to the arms of one he loves." From


All Ages

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School Age (6-12)






William Steig


1985 Farrar, Straus, and Giroux


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