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Day Wetting

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Day Wetting


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Day wetting

Day wetting

Some kids are not interested in staying dry during the day, but are clearly capable of doing so. If this describes your child, then try this technique. Take your child to the toilet every hour and a half. Sit your child on the toilet for 3-5 minutes. Make this a calm and rewarding activity. Try playing music or reading books and running the tap water to help them pee. If your child cooperates and is dry when away from the toilet, then give simple rewards. For example, give 1 M&M for sitting when asked, 2 for urinating, 3 for being dry after 1.5 hours. (Or stickers can be substituted for M&M's). If your child wets their clothes or resists sitting on the toilet, restrict their activities for the next hour and a half. "Ground" them from their normal play activites (e.g. No playing outside, no TV/videos, no tricycle, etc.). This kind of "grounding" may help them focus on attending to the urge to pee.

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