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Project CRAFT: Culturally Responsive and Family Focused Training

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Video - Parent


This program explores the subtleties of working with culturally diverse children and families. The tape examines, in depth, stereotypes and the media, family values, relationship building, communication styles, and language acquisition. Families from various backgrounds and the early childhood professionals who work with them share their experiences and feelings about cultural differences, living with a child with disabilities, and negotiating the special education system. Suggestions for improving service delivery and multicultural family support are included. The accompanying booklet--with topical headers, scenarios, key points, and handouts--offers questions and activities to facilitate group discussions.


All Ages

Age Groups

Infancy (<1), Toddlerhood (1-3), Preschool/Kindergarten (3-5), School Age (6-12), Adolescence (13-21), Adulthood (22+)




Deborah Chen , Linda Brekken , Sam Chan


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