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Infancy: Self and Social World

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The infant senses himself as an integral part of the mother in the first months. Gradually he gains the knowledge of being a separate person and activates this by both choosing to stay by the mother's side and move away from her to explore. In this tape the early interactions between parent and child are likened to a dance with carefully orchestrated interactions on both sides. Both partners learn from each other. Sometimes the parents miss the baby's cues early on and need to find out how to rectify the misstep. The baby learns what is wanted from the parent. At first the relationship includes parents only, but by six months the infant can include siblings and other constant adult caregivers. Differing cultural belief systems have an impact on the family and subsequently on the development of the child. The emerging personality of the child also interfaces and affects those in the world around him." -Child Development Media, Inc.


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