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Infancy: Beginnings in Cognition and Language

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"The infant uses both sensory and perceptive capabilities for early learning. These innate reflexes are utilized in discovering the world. The child continues learning by adapting new skills of looking, mouthing, handling, and manipulating objects. Other means of interacting with people and objects in the child's environment soon come into play. By the first birthday the child uses a wide variety of actions to satisfy an unleashed curiosity. We see these in terms of stages within the sensory-motor period. The foundation of language the child will soon master and use has its base in the words and gestures used in the interactions with his parents. Within the first year the infant both understands words and phrases and begins to speak his first words. The parents' role in the learning process is a natural one: playing, interacting and caring for their baby." -Child Development Media, Inc.


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