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Freedom To Move On One's Own

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Video - Parent


"This video is about the rich variations of movement and position of infants who are allowed to move freely on their own, and about the role these movements and positions play in their everyday life. Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler has discovered that the development of these movements and positions suggests the existence of a sort of "genetic program" of motor movements, from birth to the first steps. In sessions with three infants, Cathy (8 months), Tundee (12 months) with her nurse Monica, and Edith (13 months), the commentary calls attention to the quality of the gestures and to the impact that the movements and positions have on the mental functioning of the infant. When the adults provide an affectionate and secure environment for the infant, the infant learns to find pleasure in his movements and to develop his capacity for taking the initiative in dealing with his surroundings." -Child Development Media, Inc.


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Infancy (<1), Toddlerhood (1-3)




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