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How to Like Your Child More

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Sometimes parents feel unfair prejudice or negative feelings towards a child. Some children are more challenging, but here are some ways to create a better relationship with your child.


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How Can I Like My Child More?

How Can I Like My Child More?

Some parents feel unfair prejudice toward their children. As a parent, it's your responsibility to make your child feel loved and accepted. There are several ways you can work through the negative emotions you feel toward your child.

  • Ask for help with your child's behavior even if you have tried before. Children who misbehave or embarrass you are harder to feel good about.
  • Keep a journal of upsetting incidents. Try to understand the thoughts and feelings you have just before and just after the incident. Try to understand your own motivations in an argument or fight. If you can, you're less likely to act unfairly or unkindly towards your children.
  • When you see yourself acting unfairly to your child, try pretending you are someone else. This may change your behavior.
  • Try to resolve past relationships, such as with your parents. Unexpressed feelings that are stored up can effect your parenting now.
  • Start having a short daily special play time with your child. During this time don't try to get him or her to do anything in particular. This ends up being fun after a while and helps both of you like each other.

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