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NIH, Consensus Development Program Information Center

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"The NIH Office of Medical Applications of Research (OMAR) manages the NIH Consensus Development Program, the focal point for evidence-based assessments of medical practice and state-of-the-science on behalf of the medical community and the public. Under this program, OMAR organizes major conferences that produce consensus statements and state-of-the-science statements on controversial issues in medicine important to health care providers, patients, and the general public. NIH Consensus Statements and State of the Science Statements are disseminated widely, and more than 120 NIH Consensus Statements and State-of-the-Science Statements have been issued since the program's inception in 1977. Organizationally, OMAR is under the Associate Director for Disease Prevention in the Office of the Director at NIH." -- Website


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Building 31, Room 1 B03
31 Center Drive, MSC 2082
Bethesda, MD 20892
Phone: 800-644-2667
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