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Boy Talk: How You Can Help Your Son Express His Emotions

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Book - Parent


"The language of emotions has a unique vocabulary that boys must learn to become socially competent adults. In fact, the lack of such training may, according to this book, explain phenomena like school shootings, substance abuse, and poor physical health. Though the causal links are hardly definitive, this book's ideas are drawn from research, and the author's own work is sound. A psychology professor at Randolph Macon College who is also engaged in private practice, Polce-Lynch explores the biology of emotions as it affects boys from childhood to late adolescence. She analyzes the "pack rules" of behavior, which mandate a suppression of most feelings except anger as well as a constricted view of women. These suggest tips for parents and other caregivers to help boys develop emotional awareness. This approach may be particularly valuable to those seeking an alternative to medication for boys with behavior problems." -Library Journal


All Ages

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Toddlerhood (1-3), Preschool/Kindergarten (3-5), School Age (6-12), Adolescence (13-21)




Mary Polce-Lynch


2002 New Harbinger Pubns


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