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How Do We Tell the Children?: A Step-by-Step Guide for Helping Children Cope When Someone Dies

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"Books tend to generate multiple editions when they have something truly valuable to say. This title is no exception. Schaeffer, a psychologist and former funeral home director, and New York City-based journalist Lyons lucidly and straightforwardly explain how to inform children about the realities of death. They explain what most children can easily understand, what they might need help understanding, and the importance of being up-front. This third edition includes new information on dealing with traumatic death, and while that would seem like a timely addition, the section doesn't fit in too well with the rest of the child-directed content; it includes subsections such as "The Impact of Grief on Business and Management," so the book seems to shift its focus to adults. Still, this is recommended for public libraries because of the valuable basic information it contains." -Publisher's Weekly


2 years - 18 years.




Dan Schaefer


2002 Newmarket Press


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