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The Complete Guide to Pregnancy After 30

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Book - Parent


"Winkelman has written a comprehensive guide to pregnancy aimed at older mothers. She includes information on infertility treatment and drugs, multiple births, genetic testing and age-related complications. Winkelman also explores the use of midwives, nonhospital deliveries and other "natural" therapies advocating such treatments when possible, but recognizing that midlife pregnancies may require high-tech medical interventions. Especially helpful are checklists that readers can use when consulting their doctors. The discussions of medical history and preparation for a fertility workup are also useful. Winkelman's fundamental philosophy is that most older mothers need not be stuck with anxiety-provoking "high risk" labels simply because of their age, nor should older women automatically assume that it's too late to have children." -Publisher's Weekly


All Ages




Carol Winkleman


2002 Adams Media Corporation


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