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The Second Family: How Adolescent Power Is Challenging the American Family

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Book - Parent


"Packed with gripping stories drawn from kids he's helped in his private practice and from more than 200 interviews, Taffel's book explains why it is imperative that parents extend "the empathic envelope," or balance empathy and expectations, to reach their kids. The culprit, as Taffel sees it, is not peer pressure per se, but the enticements of what he terms "the second family," or the combined effects of pop culture and peers. For kids on today's so-called Planet Youth, belonging means not imposing one's values, and fun and comfort are paramount. Despite the pervasiveness of teen lying, the allure of sex with many partners and the easy availability of drugs and alcohol starting in the sixth and seventh grades, Taffel holds out hope to struggling parents that it is possible to rein in out-of-control teens. He encourages parents to "listen without judging," and to regard phone time, e-mail and privacy as privileges that can be withdrawn as punishments." -Publisher's Weekly


13 years - 18 years.




Melinda Blau , Ron Taffel


2002 St. Martin's Press


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