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The Parent's Guide to Childhood Eating Disorders: A Nutritional Approach to Solving Eating Disorders

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Book - Parent


"An excellent guide to children's eating disorders, chiefly anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating disorder, this book urges parents to be watchful; prevention, after all, starts at home. First, Herrin, founder and codirector of the Dartmouth College Eating Disorders Prevention, Education, and Treatment Program and a former anorexic herself, covers early warning signs of eating disorders and shows how they differ from bad habits. She also addresses how to deal with situations, like school and summer camp, that remove teens from parents' radar. There is also much information on nutrition, with specifics on individualizing a food plan (menus and portions) and normalizing exercise patterns. Finally, parents are shown how to seek professional help. Herrin's sound and empowering advice applies both to girls and to boys, who are often sadly overlooked." -Library Journal


13 years and up.




Marcia Herrin , Nancy Matsumoto


2002 Owl Books


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