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Teen Fathers Today

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Book - Parent


"Many accounts of teens, sex, and consequences seem to focus mainly on the young woman, leaving young men in the cold as far as finding out the facts. Gottfried focuses on teen fathers in America and their role in the child-rearing process. He brings to the table the myths associated with teen fatherhood and then explains realities, bringing in the emotions of those involved. The book offers real-life stories that complement the discussions and gives practical information such as how to accept the fact of becoming a dad, dealing with the reactions of parents, realities of pregnancy and birth, and taking responsibility for one's baby. It also talks about day-to-day life with the child and the mother, and the struggles that can be encountered on all ends. The author discusses frankly the harsh realities of teen fatherhood and the burdens it presents for the future, both in terms of getting an education and the financial implications." -School Library Journal


13 years and up.




Ted Gottfried


2001 Twenty-First Centuy Books


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