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Joyful & Confident Parenting

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Book - Parent


"How about a new publisher and a new series dedicated to new arrivals? ParentSmart Books inaugurates the ParentSmart series, which, with six titles in the works and more to come, is designed to be "a virtual 'Parenting 101' course." Focusing on the care of newborns to three-year-olds, books like Joyful & Confident Parenting and How Your Baby & Child Learns offer tips on everything from baby bonding to baby-proofing. Penny Shore and the International Advisory Council on Parenting developed the content, and with their large text, ample illustrations and fill-in-the-blank sections ("My Support Network," "My Positive Childhood Memories") the books are as familiar and reassuring as a high school health workbook." -Publisher's Weekly


13 years and up.




William Sears , Otto Weininger , Penny Shore


2002 Parent Kit Corporation


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