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"A sensitive, yet objective, survey of a baffling problem. The author points out that phobias are often misunderstood because there is a problem dealing with the difference between natural anxiety and real fear and diagnoses are difficult to make. Phobics often get worse when they seek treatment because they are told their problem is all in their head and so they are ashamed to seek further help or discuss their problems with family members and friends. This book offers affirmation for phobics who aren't sure if they are losing their minds or have something clinically wrong. Tracing the first knowledge of phobias back to the early Greeks, the text skims through history and then gives sufferers hope. The author divides phobias into three categories and explains where each is probably rooted and what kinds of treatment are offered." -School Library Journal


11 years - 15 years.




Gail Stewart


2001 Lucent Books


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