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The Rules To Be Cool: Etiquette and Netiquette

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Book - Child


"Dougherty approaches good manners as a means of showing respect and consideration for others, thereby prompting reciprocation and easing social relationships and situations. Consequently, Cool explores ways of applying the Golden Rule at home, at school, in public, and in social settings, rather than listing rules about which fork to use. Always practical and low-key, the tips and attitudes emphasize kindness and courtesy as a way of life. Each chapter begins with several questions and answers from a fictitious advice column describing sensitive or sticky scenarios and suggestions to ease the awkwardness. The author follows this effective hook with a straightforward discussion of etiquette within a particular sphere of interactions, and ends the chapter with a "top ten" list that succinctly boils it all down to very simple rules of conduct." -School Library Journal


10 years - 18 years.




Karla Doughtery


2001 Enslow Publishers, Inc.


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