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Protecting Your Children from Sexual Predators

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Book - Parent


"The general wariness of most Americans has greatly increased in recent months, but the fear of kidnapping and child abuse has always been strong. This straightforward, enlightening, but remarkably nonalarmist book should bring a sense of empowerment to concerned parents. Baker, a clinician with a doctorate in psychology, founder of the Trauma Treatment Center of Colorado, and author of When Your Child's Been Abused: A Parent Handbook, presents a list of the ten common characteristics of sexual predators and the five stages of abusive relationships. She then applies such constructs to various categories of abusers, including pedophiles and other male predators,female predators,sexually abusive youths, and sibling abusers. Clear chapters include an overview, case studies drawn from interviews, and conclusions regarding detection and prevention (e.g., safe baby-sitting rules). Cybersex, the treatment for sexual offenders, and legal resources such as sex-offender registries are also discussed." -Library Journal


13 years and up.




Leigh Baker


2002 St. Martin's Press


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