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The Warrior Method : A Parents' Guide to Rearing Healthy Black Boys

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Book - Parent


"Winbush's comprehensive, Afro-centric program partakes of the ceremonial e.g., wearing "Kente cloth" and the practical, such as investment lessons. Though highly organized e.g., "Ten Commitments of the Warrior Method" Winbush's book is a hodge-podge, ranging from bits about media stereotypes and an out-of-place focus on "the black male as sexual predator" to a passage about seat-belt use and stories about the instant success of his methods, as when he achieves a breakthrough with a classful of boys by addressing each as "nigga," driving home his point that it is a negative term. Winbush's serious research, deep cultural sensibilities and abiding wisdom are undermined somewhat by anecdotes and polemics." -Publishers Weekly


13 years and up.




Raymond Winbrush


2002 Amistad Press


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