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Surviving Ophelia: Mothers Share Their Wisdom in Navigating the Tumultuous Teenage Years

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Book - Parent


Mothers speak out on both the heartaches and joys of raising a teenage daughter. "Raising a teenage girl can be frightening and overwhelming for the most important female figure in her life: her mother. From handling the often delicate situations surrounding academic performance, athletics, friendships, sexual activity, and drug and alcohol experimentation to instilling (or restoring) a healthy body image and providing a strong role model, mothers often feel alone in their struggle to find ways of coping with all that they must do for their daughters. To provide the community that these women so desperately crave-and all that comes with it: the guidance, the solace, the inspiration, and the hope -Cheryl Dellasega has written Surviving Ophelia, a book of profound wisdom and compassion. ..." -From the Publisher


13 years and up.




Cheryl Dellasega


2002 Ballantine Books


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