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Kids Keyboard College Children have incredible energy! They run, climb, jump, build, color and create. The Kids Keyboard College takes advantage of this natural curiosity and desire to be creative. Our early introduction to music lays the foundation for success in other areas. Understanding the music ?language? will enhance children's appreciation and teach them how to express themselves through music. Parent/child participation is an integral part of the program. The parent attends classes with the child, serving as a ?learning partner,? both in class and at home. This strong bond creates a stimulating environment of love and sharing through music. Upon completion of the KKC program, students will have the skills necessary to continue studying any instrument they wish.


All Ages

Age Groups

Preschool/Kindergarten (3-5), School Age (6-12), Adolescence (13-21), Adulthood (22+)

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The following skills will be introduced: ? Keyboard Study - develops hand-eye coordination. ? Ear Training - develops aural awareness and sensitivity to sound and pitch. ? Creative Movement - develops coordination and rhythm awareness. ? Singing - encourages expression through song. ? Music Notation - strengthens focus and concentration through reading skills. ? Creative Ensembles - stimulating group activities that concentrate on emerging skills


Tuition:** (for weekly private lessons, per semester) 30 minutes $360 (recommended for beginners) 45 minutes $470 (advanced beginners/intermediate) full hour $575 (intermediate/advanced)


Towson University

Contact Information

8000 York Rd

Towson, MD 21252
Phone: 410-704-3248
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