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Co-sleeping for older children

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Handout for parents of children with adhd about co-sleeping for older children


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Co-sleeping for older children

Co-sleeping for older children

Many parents share a bed with their child occasionally or all the time. But, sharing a bed may interrupt your sleep and your child's sleep. The effects of poor sleep on children and adults are widespread and include daytime fatigue, headache, memory loss and overweight and obesity. Co-sleeping can also affect the quality of your relationship with your partner.

To help your older child sleep through the night in her own bed:

  1. Discuss the importance of sleep with her. Explain that your family is starting a new routine with all children in sleeping in their own bed.
  2. Expect your child to resist the new routine. Make sure you are consistent and stick to the plan even if she is temporarily unhappy.
  3. Make sure your child gets plenty of love and nurturance prior to bedtime. Develop a new bedtime routine that includes time for talking, stories and cuddling. This will replace the nurturance she gets when she sleeps in your bed.
  4. Provide lots of praise and reinforcement when she wakes up in her own bed. Allow time in the morning for more conversation and cuddling.
  5. It will likely get harder before it gets easier. If you are inconsistent or change the rules, it will be even more difficult for you and your child to create a new routine.

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