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Timed toileting with wet pants check and consequences

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Timed toileting with wet pants check and consequences - handout for parents of children with ADHD


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Timed toileting with wet pants check and consequences

Timed toileting with wet pants check and consequences

There is a solution for children who have already mastered using the toilet for urination but start wetting during the day. This is a different problem than for children who wet the bed at night. If the child was dry at night and is now wetting at night it is usually from some stress. If there has not been any big stress or change it is important to check for a urine infection or diabetes with a urine test. But if wetting is only during the day it is usually because the child is too busy to think about going to the toilet. Watching TV, playing on a tablet computer or playing videogames are much more fun than going to the bathroom. Also, these electronics may include a competition with others or with the game that include achieving a "level", points or a prize that will be lost if interrupted by a trip to the bathroom. Some children can be similarly too engrossed in playing outside, reading or Legos to take a break.

A good solution is to require the child to come to the parent to have a ""pants check"" every 1 and 1/2 hours using a timer. If the pants are dry the child can use the toilet and return to playing. A small reward such as stickers or points can also be given. If the child's pants are wet or soiled the child should also use the toilet but then the child is restricted to a boring space without electronics for the next 1 and 1/2 hours. The boring space can be a place where people come and go, not like time out, but should not be a special time to play that would reward the wetting. This plan usually takes only a week or two before the child will take themselves to the bathroom before having an accident.

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