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Family Fun

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Handout about Family Fun for parents of children with ADHD


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Family Fun Time

Family Fun Time

It is so important for family members to spend time together. For some families life gets too busy and time together starts to disappear. Children need family time. It helps them develop self-esteem and strengthen lifelong relationships with parents and siblings. Parents need family time also to learn about their children and see things to appreciate about their children. If you are in need of family time, the first thing is to decide if is important, and commit to doing it on a regular basis. This may mean your children cannot play every sport or be in every club. It may mean you have time give up hobbies, time with friends, or doing extra in your career. Having family time is worth it, though. Here are some more quick ideas about family fun time.

  • Along with other family members, pick a family fun day or a family fun night. Stick to that day/night every week as much as possible.
  • Put family fun day/night on the family calendar for everyone to see.
  • Let family members take turns choosing what you do or where you go. This give you a great opportunity to see what other family members like.
  • Board games, playing cards, going out to dinner, and watching a movie make great family fun night activities
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  • A family fun day could include going to a park, the zoo, an amusement park, a baseball game.
  • Make sure every family members knows he/she needs to be there for the family fun time.

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