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Activities like yoga help build something like called "mindfulness." This means being aware of the present moment, without worry or fear about the past or anticipation about the future.

Because many kids with anxiety or worry often think a lot about bad things that have happened in the past, or scary things that might eventually happen, mindfulness can be very helpful.

There are many different kinds of mindfulness, like progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, meditation and some forms of yoga.

The kind of breathing that is done in muscle relaxation, deep breathing and yoga can help release muscle tension. Kids with anxiety tend to have a lot of tension in their muscles. This can cause headaches, stomachaches and other physical health problems. Feeling sick or uncomfortable can make anxious kids feel even worse. So, using the breath to control muscle tension can be an important part of helping kids with anxiety.

Yoga has the benefit of helping kids do physical activity. Physical activity has been shown to help all kids, and especially those with anxiety, depression and/or ADHD.

There are books and videos that can help you do yoga with your child at home. For younger children, yoga instruction often involves making different animal shapes. There are also child-specific yoga classes.

For more information about mindfulness and meditation, visit The Child Mind Institute at and search for mindfulness. The website has many resources, including mobile apps for relaxation.

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