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Dr. Ruth Talks To Kids : Where You Came From, How Your Body Changes, and What Sex Is All About

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Book - Child


"Here, in her warm, wise, forthright, and unmistakable voice, Dr. Ruth Westheimer talks to kids about what concerns them most: the inevitable changes, both physical and emotional, that are a part of growing up. She tells boys and girls exactly what will happen to their bodies and why. She tells them about the new, perhaps turbulent, feelings they may have. And she discusses sex openly, with the philosophy that the more kids know, the better able they'll be to deal with sexual issues. She isn't afraid to state her position about kids and sex, either: "It's such a powerful experience," she says, "that no teenagers I know are ready for it." Dr. Westheimer takes special care to cite the possible dangers of sex - not only unwanted pregnancy, but also sexually transmitted diseases, including the fatal AIDS. And she does not fail to address the problem of sexual abuse." -From the Publisher


All Ages

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School Age (6-12), Adolescence (13-21)






Ruth Westheimer MD


1998 Aladdin Library; Reprint edition


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