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We believe children need to be exposed to complete representations of language to develop the linguistic foundation necessary for life-long learning; should have equal access to both American Sign Language (ASL) and cued English (CE). should have constant and consistent exposure to a language in all environments. benefit from parental commitment to a language that is accessible to the child in the home; this is required for a deaf or hard of hearing child to reach his/her maximum potential This camp is a bilingual program where campers are divided among kids' and adults' classes where proficiency in American Sign Language and in English is to be achieved through immersion in each language exposure to good models in each language experience with the language through conversation, practice, and trial and error with the target language. And adequate exposure over time to each language.


All Ages

Age Groups

School Age (6-12), Adolescence (13-21), Adulthood (22+)

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We certainly hope not! Don't forget there'll be plenty of opportunity to meet people from all different backgrounds, with only an interest in broadening your horizons in common. We'll also be providing an evening program each night that will aim to entertain or stimulate you. If that's still not enough, there'll be downtime when you can take advantage of the indoor swimming pool, gym, rock-climbing wall, sand volleyball courts, and playground. If physical exertion isn't your thing, check out the campus bookstore or PAWS, Towson University's hot spot, where you can play pool, grab a bite to eat or a cup of java while you hang out with new and old friends. Past camps have gone by quicker than we could believe, so we're pretty confident you'll have a blast.

Eligibility Requirements

deaf and hard of hearing

Contact Information

Cue Sign camp
PO Box 2334
Montgomery Village, MD 20886
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