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IN THE MIX - Self-Esteem: Building Strengths

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Video - Child


Product Description Length: 30 min. Performance rights and Discussion Guide included. (Gr. 6-12, College) (Available with Spanish subtitles) Both boys and girls face a drop in confidence as they enter puberty. This program helps teens develop self-esteem by focusing on physical, mental and emotional strengths. We follow teens as they participate in challenging activities and workshops given by psychologists and celebrity role models, including athletes Tiffeny Millbrett and Lisa Leslie. Along with an adolescent development expert, they answer questions and give specific advice on setting goals, coping with mistakes, negative thinking, bullying, choosing friends, dealing with emotions, problem solving and other critical issues. Boys and girls also speak out about the pressure to fit in and other stresses. Viewers see how these teens learn to create their own definitions of strength and self-esteem. The program is primarily directed towards middle school grades, but it is also relevant for high school use.


All Ages

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School Age (6-12), Adolescence (13-21)




Castle Works Inc.

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