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Schoolhouse Rock! - Money Rock

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From the Back Cover Learning about money is easy when you sing along with Money Rock! Dollars and Sense (Learn about savings and loans) $7.50 Once a Week (What is an allowance?) Where the Money Goes (How our salaries/allowances are spent) Tax Man Max (Discover what the government does with our money) Walkin' on Wall Street (Investments, stocks, and bonds) This for That (Learn about barter and trade) Tyrannosaurus Debt (Learn about our national debt) The Check's in the Mail (How to write a check and where it goes) Schoolhouse Rock takes children on a fantastic scholastic learning adventure! The same great songs you knew and loved as a kid are now available to a whole new generation. Each volume in this special collection features exclusive bonus programming of some of today's hottest rock stars singing their favorite Schoolhouse Rock song! 30 minutes.


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