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Neurobehavioral Unit at Kennedy Krieger Institute

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The Neurobehavioral Unit (NBU) is a 16-bed inpatient unit dedicated to the assessment and treatment of severe problem behavior displayed by individuals with autism and mental retardation. This is a unique program that: specializes in the treatment of severe and highly treatment resistant problems, provides intensive behavioral assessment and treatment services not available elsewhere, offers integrated and targeted application of behavioral and pharmacological interventions, and espouses a data-based approach. The program has been in existence since the early 1980's, and over the past five years alone has served patients from 20 states and several countries. The NBU is recognized as one of the leading programs in the nation for providing intensive behavioral treatment to individuals with severe behavior disorders and developmental disabilities as well as for offering advanced training in applied behavior analysis.


2 years - 21 years.

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Individuals admitted to the NBU inpatient service receive behavioral, psychiatric, educational, developmental, and social assessments and interventions. Behavioral assessment and treatment strategies are derived from an applied behavior analysis (ABA) model. Interventions are developed based on the results of systematic behavioral assessments including functional behavioral assessments (e.g., functional analysis), analysis of parent-child interactions, and reinforcer assessments.


Kennedy Krieger Institute

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707 N. Broadway

Baltimore, MD 21205
Phone: 443-923-9400 888-554-2080
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