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No-Glamour Grammar Cards

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Video - Child


Students who have difficulty expressing themselves need as much practice as possible in speaking and writing correctly. The 200 cards in this box offer pictures of everyday situations and stimuli that prompt students to answer questions about each picture. The ten major grammar skill areas included are sequenced by the complexity of the tasks for students. You'll get twenty cards for each of ten major grammar skill areas: Each card has six questions. Present a picture and talk about it with the student. Then read a question on the card and let the student answer it. All answers should be complete sentences. Use your own judgment about how many questions to present to the student for each card. The last question on each card asks the student to repair incorrect grammar (i.e. Fix this sentence. These clothes is dry now. These clothes are dry now.)


All Ages

Age Groups

Preschool/Kindergarten (3-5), School Age (6-12)






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