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The Behavior Disorder IEP Companion

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Book - Child


The Behavior Disorder IEP Companion is designed for use with students who exhibit behaviors that keep them from fitting into and succeeding in the regular classroom and in handling ?normal? everyday social situations. This includes students with a variety of disabilities such as: learning disabilities attention deficit disorder mild mental disabilities autism language You'll get: behavior monitoring charts problem-solving sheets suggestions for setting up a positive classroom environment handy tips for diagnosing and assessing behavior disorders Your students will learn: self-management strategies problem-solving skills self-control techniques All of this works together to help your students get along with and gain acceptance from their peers and others. The Behavior Disorder IEP Companion is valuable in not only creating individual education plans but also for facilitating collaborative planning and teaching among special and regular educators.


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Preschool/Kindergarten (3-5), School Age (6-12), Adolescence (13-21)

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