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New Hope Treatment Center

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New Hope Treatment Centers in South Carolina has been providing behavioral health care services to emotionally disturbed children and adolescents and their families for over eighteen years. We are nationally recognized for our psychiatric residential treatment services that include specialized programs for high-risk behavioral disorders and sexual aggression.


13 years - 18 years.



Services Provided

New Horizons provides general psychiatric and behavioral treatment services for those patients whose problems include violence, aggressiveness, chronic running away, property destruction, harming or threatening harm to self or others and other severe behavioral and affective disturbance. The severity of patients' problems requires that aervices be delivered in a high management setting, with awake supervision 24 hours per day. As soon as a patient is admitted, we hegin to conduct a multidisciplinary assessment to evaluate the patient's problems and special needs. This assessment allows us to make appropriate recommendations for treatment and other service requirements. A major goal of treatment is to move the patient toward significant improvement in order to allow placement or return to a less restrictive environment when he/she is discharged.

Eligibility Requirements

Males and Females at least 13 years of age, patients who require a locked residential setting and daily treatment milieu that is self contained, patients who have evidence of a diagnostic mental disorder, and unmanageable behavior.

Areas Served

South Carolina

Contact Information

New Hope Treatment Centers Inc
225 Midland Parkway

Summerville, SC 29485
Phone: 843-851-5010 1-800-776-6482
Fax: 843-851-5020
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