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Hoopah Kidview Computer Explorer

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Software - Child


Product Description An Innovation in Parent-Free Computing * Customizable for Ages 2-10 * A World of fun, Learning, and Adventure for your child * A kids world explodes with this amazingly simple to use operating system! Children can create their own adventures free from the constraints of adult computing. Their favorite desktop programs and online games come alive in this innovative environment. Our new zoom enhancement technology creates a full screen experience of vivid graphics. * This kid-safe world is customized by the parent in a totally picture-driven environment. Games and educational content quickly zap to life with Hoopahs new Quick Cache Technology. Never has the computer and cyberspace been so safe, easy to operate, and fun for children! * Designed for Windows XP/ ME/2000/98


All Ages

Age Groups

Preschool/Kindergarten (3-5), School Age (6-12)



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