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Disney's Math Quest with Aladdin Ages 6-9

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Description Review Math skills come in handy when playing this mystical, mathematical Aladdin adventure. By solving math problems that test skills ranging from addition and subtraction to patterns, estimation, and logic, children can save the day and rescue Aladdin and his friends from the forces of evil. A wicked genie named Bizarrah has escaped from her lamp and has captured Jasmine, Abu, and Aladdin in Agrabah. Players must do the math to put an end to Bizarrah, once and for all. Games range from Yazoul's Number Wall, which has kids making mental computations by using addition and subtraction skills, to a fast-paced virtual marble game, Square Up, where geometry and logical reasoning rule as kids race the carnival barker by being the first to create squares in a challenging grid screen. No flying carpet required, just bring along your math skills for hours of challenging math fun. (Ages 6 to 9) --Tina Velgos


6 years - 9 years.




Buena Vista Home Video

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