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Shake and Learn Math

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Product Description Directs students into a full understanding of the process of problem solving, measurement, numeracy, and other NCTM standards. Problem Solving, Angles, Fractions, and Place Value are a few of the songs on the CD. Grades 2-6. Shake and Learn was created by teachers for teachers to dramatically improve academic achievement and for teachers and kids to enjoy teaching and learning. Research findings show that approximately 30% of learners have a dominant kinesthetic learning style, meaning they learn best by physically learning with their body. What are YOU doing to meet the needs of these learners? The Shake and Learn approach is for pro-active, forward thinking schools that desire to differentiate curriculum in order to meet the needs of each learner. Each Shake and Learn kit includes a professionally-produced CD and a comprehensive, 171-page teacher's guide that features songs and chants that have kinesthetic cues, which are motion and movement choreography.


All Ages

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Preschool/Kindergarten (3-5), School Age (6-12)




Salt Productions

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