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United Methodist Church

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Organization - Religious


The United Methodist Church features outreaching branches in many regions of the country.


All Ages

Contact Information

Zelda Childs
1500 Gorsuch Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21218
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Nancy W Nedwell
2200 St. Paul St

Baltimore, MD 21218
Phone: (410) 889-1512
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Rodney Hudson
615 Baker St

Baltimore, MD 21217
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Ira B Barr Jr.
1201 Maple Ave

Baltimore, MD 21227
Phone: (410) 242-9029
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Amy Sarah Lewis
3800 Roland Ave

Baltimore, MD 21211
Phone: (410) 243-1129
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Amy Peed McCullough
5407 N. Charles Street
MD 21210
Phone: (410) 443-6650
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Craig Moore
10 E Mount Vernon Place

Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: (410) 685-5290
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