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Tockwogh Camp

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YMCA Tockwogh Camp and Conference Center is the official name of the YMCA of Delaware's resident camp and conference center facilities located on the Chesapeake Bay.


8 years - 15 years.

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We teach the following values through sailing, swimming, canoeing, climbing, horseback riding and all other sports and activities at camp. Honesty - To act in such a way that I am worthy of trust. To tell the truth. To have integrity; making sure my actions match my values. Caring - To love others. To be sensitive to the well being of others. To help others. Respect - To treat others as you would have them treat you. To value the worth of every person, including yourself. Responsibility - To do what you ought to do. To be accountable for your behavior and your obligations.


Depends on the session chosen and whether the individual is a member of the YMCA of Delaware.



Contact Information

Tockwogh Camp and Conference Center
24370 Still Pond Neck Road
Worton, MD 21678
Phone: 410-348-6000
Fax: 410-348-6023
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