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St. Paul's School

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St. Paul's School is a college-preparatory day school in Brooklandville, Maryland, located approximately twenty minutes north of Baltimore. St. Paul's is coeducational in the lower school (grades pre-1st to 4) and all-boys in the middle and upper schools (grades 5 to 12). It is the purpose of St. Paul's School to inspire and educate, so that its graduates can confront successfully the moral and intellectual challenges of the modern world. The School seeks to imbue each student with a sense of self which distinguishes right from wrong, reality from pretense, and which adheres to the universal truths of faith, charity, justice, hope and forgiveness. The School intends that its graduates not only have, but demonstrate, a spirit of service before God and to neighbor, as well as the academic preparation to take full advantage of subsequent studies at the university level and so to be equipped for life.


All Ages

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Thomas J. Reid
St. Paul's School
11152 Falls Road P.O. Box 8100
Brooklandville, MD 21022
Phone: 410-825-4400 410-821-3028
Fax: 410-427-0390
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