Do you dread putting your child to bed at night? Many parents do because bedtime can be a big fight! Many children do not want to go to bed at night. They may want to continue playing or they may not want to go to sleep alone. Some children are scared of the dark and some just have a hard time winding down for the day. There is no one size fits all answer to fix bedtime problems. The solution depends on what is going on with your child. Below are some tips that may help bedtime be more peaceful and may help your child stay asleep. Before you try these strategies take a few nights to think about why your child is struggling at bedtime. Try these strategies for at least a week before you try something else.

Tip #1: Make sure bedtime is when your child is tired, but not too tired.

Tip #2: Follow a bedtime routine.

Tip #3: Avoid stimulating activities around bedtime.

Tip #4: Keep your child's room cool at bedtime.

Tip #5: Ease your child's fears.

Tip #6: Have your child fall asleep on his/her own.

Tip #7: Have your child fall asleep where he/she will be sleeping all night.

Tip #8: Create a good sleep environment

Tip #9: Set limits (with a little flexibility)