What tests should be done to determine if it is ADHD?

If you're concerned your child may have ADHD, the best thing to do is get a comprehensive evaluation of your child. Your child's doctor may be able to complete the evaluation or you may be referred to a mental health specialist (for example, a psychologist, psychiatrist, or developmental-behavioral pediatrician). The information below can help you understand how ADHD is diagnosed and what will be included in your evaluation.

Is there a simple test to diagnose ADHD?

How is ADHD evaluated?

What type of information is gathered during an evaluation?

How will information be gathered during the evaluation?

Should my child have a brain scan or blood tests to diagnose ADHD?

During the evaluation you should also be given an opportunity to ask questions and state your concerns. Be sure to get all your questions addressed and bring up all your thoughts and concerns about your child. Observations and concerns from parents are a critical part in making the correct diagnosis and selecting the best treatment.