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Feeding DTW (Info for Clinician - Parent)

Feeding Diagnostic and Technical Worksheet (DTW) covers all major disorders related to feeding and eating, including Anorexia, Bulimia, Eating Behavior Disorder, Feeding Disorder of Early Childhood,...

All Ages

Age groups: Infancy (<1), School Age (6-12), Toddlerhood (1-3), Preschool/Kindergarten (3-5), Adolescence (13-21)

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The Ugly Vegetables -- by Grace Lin (Author) (Book - Child)

Product Description: "The neighbors' gardens look so much prettier and so much more inviting to the young gardener than the garden of "black-purple-green vines, fuzzy wrinkled leaves, prickly stems,...

All Ages

Age groups: School Age (6-12), Preschool/Kindergarten (3-5)

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