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Child Protective Services/Child Abuse Hotline (Organization - Governmental)

Receives reports of suspected child abuse and neglect for children in Arizona. Provides investigation and case management services to children and families upon acceptance of a report.

All Ages

Age groups: Infancy (<1), Adolescence (13-21), School Age (6-12), Preschool/Kindergarten (3-5), Toddlerhood (1-3), Adulthood (22+)

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The Patticake House Children's Advocacy Center (Program)

The mission of The Patticake House is to provide a child-friendly facility where professionals work together as a team to protect and treat child abuse victims while holding offenders accountable.

All Ages

Age groups: Toddlerhood (1-3), Adulthood (22+), Infancy (<1), Adolescence (13-21), School Age (6-12), Preschool/Kindergarten (3-5)

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Children's Advocacy Center (Organization - Private, Non-Profit)

A child-focused, facility-based program where representatives from law enforcement, child protective services, prosecution, mental health and the medical community collaborate to investigate, treat...

All Ages

Age groups: Preschool/Kindergarten (3-5), Toddlerhood (1-3), Adulthood (22+), Infancy (<1), Adolescence (13-21), School Age (6-12)

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