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Chesapeake Center For Youth Development, Inc. (Service Provider)

Ages 13 years - 21 years.

Chesapeake Center for Youth Development: 301 East Patapsco Ave, Baltimore MD 21225, 410-355-4698
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Rough Riders (Program)

Girls who can demonstrate their ability to mount and dismount, lead, walk, trot and turn horses on command will enjoy this program. Practice and improve your skills while learning new ones. Your...

Ages 12 years - 14 years.

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S.T.E.P. Summer Program (Program)

This program is designedto give students a head start in the areas of science, technology and engineering while simultaneously building their skills in math, reading and writing. When a student...

All Ages

Age groups: School Age (6-12), Adolescence (13-21)

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Rising Star Boys' Basketball I, II & III (Program)

Housed in the Rollins-Luetkemeyer Athletic Center, with 5 full courts and 16 baskets, Rising Star offers a tremendous opportunity for players of all ages and skill levels to reach their fullest...

Ages 8 years - 15 years.

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Camp Wonder (Program)

Nature Camps provides an atmosphere of adventure, sensory awareness, and creative expression. Over the years parents have requested outdoor learning experiences for their younger children comparable...

All Ages

Age groups: Toddlerhood (1-3)

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Games Galore (Program)

Are you a video game fanatic? Ever dream of creating your own games? You'll love learning Stagecast, the software program to create ?sims??simulations, interactive stories, games and more. Combine...

Ages 10 years - 13 years.

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St Paul's Sports and Games (Program)

Each week boys and girls participate in a different combination of sports and games. Whether on the field, on the mat, at the computer, or at the table, campers delight in taking part in a wide...

Ages 5 years - 9 years.

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John Jancuska Baseball School @ UMBC (Program)

The Jancuska Baseball School is designed to teach the students the fundamentals of the game of baseball. The same teaching / coaching philosophy used in our collegiate program will be employed. We...

Ages 6 years - 13 years.

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Anne Arundel County Community Action Agency (Program)

Community Action changes people's lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities, and makes America a better place to live. We care about the entire community, and we are dedicated to...

All Ages

Age groups: Infancy (<1), School Age (6-12), Adulthood (22+), Toddlerhood (1-3), Preschool/Kindergarten (3-5), Adolescence (13-21)

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Dyslexia Home School (DHS) (Program)

Offers a home school program that includes tutoring in reading, writing and math plus speech/language therapy if needed. Opportunities for socialization and training for parents is also offered.

All Ages

Age groups: Adolescence (13-21)

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